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Training with Cody Keller

Cody Keller has a down to earth, grassroots approach to teaching horsemanship. Learn what it is like to train with Cody. 

About Us


About Cody Keller

Cody is an accomplished horseman, proven clinician , experienced trainer and owner of Keller Horse Training. He values being a good husband, father, community role model and servant of the Lord. Cody's combination of skill and humility make him a sought after trainer. Cody's training focuses on building leadership skills and confidence that helps people inside and outside of the arena. 


Horse Training

Cody's training focuses on building trust, respect and understanding  to  create well-rounded horses. Cody can do basic training such as ground work, suppling and moving the horse's body parts with the goal of working toward gaining ultimate control of your horse. Advanced training  is also available and can include circles, lead changes, spins, side passing, sliding stops, counter bent circles and more.


Rider Training Opportunities

Clinics are focused on building greatness between the horse and rider. Attendees will learn how to communicate clearly with their horses through body positioning, use of legs and reins, groundwork and keeping emotion out of the training. Clinics will offer help for riders and horses at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Individual lessons, group lessons and more intense one to two week courses are available at CK Ranch in Seymour, Iowa. Camping hookups and stalls are available onsite. 

If you are interested in hosting a clinic or any of the above services, contact Keller Horse Training in the Contact Us section below or call 641-414-1195.



CK Cattle Working and Confidence Building

All day

7A Ranch, 2663 Echo Ave NW Oxford, IA 52322

Event Details


CK Cattle Working and Confidence Building



9:30-4:30 CK Cattle Working and Confidence Building  Price: $400 for both days or $250 for one day. 

4:30-6:00  Youth Confidence Clinic, Price for youth $75


9:30-4:30 CK Cattle Working and Confidence Building  Price: $400 for both days or $250 for one day. 

4:30-5:30  Youth Confidence Clinic, Price for youth $50


The CK Cattle Working and Confidence Building Clinic will be excellent for anyone looking for guidance and direction in building confidence and getting in-sync with their horse. Attendees will be separated into groups based upon level of riding experience.  Cody will have 6 hours each day to help individual needs. Do not shy away feeling that you will not fit in or be judged. It is all about learning. When working the cattle we will be working on gaining control of the cow. This will be great for team sorters, team penning, cutting, cow horse or simply learning the basics of working a cow.   

  • Day one in the morning will be focused on building confidence in the riders and preparing to work cattle in the afternoon. Attendees will work cattle at 2:30 pm.  
  • Day two will be focused on working cattle. It will be an awesome experience for all levels of riders. Cody will go slow to adapt to each rider. 

The Youth Clinic will be a blast, confidence building and teaching leadership skills to become a great teacher  for their horses.  

To sign-up, send a 50% deposit send to  Pay pal kellerhorsemanship@gmail.com, or a check 24231 120th ave Seymour, IA 52590

All day

7A Ranch, 2663 Echo Ave NW Oxford, IA 52322


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